speaking Topics

The Potluck Strategy

The Potluck Strategy - which shares its title with Hugh's 2017 TEDx talk - builds on Hugh's experience leading OTA, an organization that raised nearly $2 million for rural creatives and was featured in a full-length feature documentary called, "The Potluck Society: An OTA Journey." This talk focuses on four steps that anyone can take to build thriving communities: observation, invitation, conversation & celebration. This talk is accessible to business, nonprofits, community leadership and students. It can also be expanded into a three-day residency for largest impact.

the ART & Science of Connection

Human beings have a fundamental need to belong, to be social as part of community and to commit to something bigger than themselves. Social isolation is seen as a state of human deprivation contributing to many forms of disease, depression, addiction, shortened life expectancy and lessened professional options. This talk focuses on the science behind social isolation and networks effects while also addressing the art of connecting through conversation and celebration.

be the change(maker)

This workshop-style session walks individuals through the power of story, network and design for change in a hands-on way. The sessions is appropriate for all-ages and career stages, but is particularly well received by individuals in transition - new community leaders, college freshman and emerging executives.

The world has too few people like Hugh— people who can not only generate an impressive array of creative options, but can also do it with grace and insight. It’s a pleasure to work with Hugh, over and over.
— Sally Hogshead, Author of Fascinate